Teaching and Student Work

Time Lapse. Designing in AutoCAD and Rendering in Photoshop. TimeLapse covers roughly 30 minutes of drawing.

Student rendering. Drawn in AutoCAD and rendered in Photoshop CS5.

Student set design MACBETH. 1/4" Scale Model. Designer Allwyn Lamb.

Student 3D Arched Flat Drawing in AutoCAD.

3D Arch & Column Model in AutoCAD.

Student Elevation Drawing. Drawn in AutoCAD.

Student Elevation Study. Drafted in AutoCAD.

16x32 Backdrop. Painted on Muslin. All Student Scenic Artists.

Student Scenic Painting Projects

Scenic Painting Faux Finish Projects.

Student Scenic Painting Progress

Student Scenic Painting Project. Light and Shadow study.

Time Lapse Movie. This movie covers the strike for The Galloway School Theatre production of The King & I. Movie covers roughly 2 hours of work.

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